Online Forecast Calculator (Beta Version 2.0)

This is the Call Centre Helper free online experimental forecasting tool for calculating and creating time series forecasts in contact centres and other applications.

It is at Beta Release 2.0 so may be a bit buggy - If you experience any issues, please email
image example output from the online forecasting tool
It takes a number of years of data and then by looking at trends and seasonality tries to predict the future.

1. Prepare Your Data in 2 Columns in a Spreadsheet

Using Excel or Google Sheets prepare your data in two columns. - Date in the left hand column, Value in the Right Hand Column.

Data needs to be entered in two columns
  • Date (YYYY-MM-DD) e.g. 2021-12-01
  • Values (Without symbols or commas) e.g. 33100
Example Spreadsheet

This forecasting calculator needs at least 13 months of data (ideally 2 years or more) to generate a reasonable forecast.
(The more data you enter the better the forecast).

2. Make sure you have the correct Date Format

Period Best format
Starting Date
Alternative format Example
Day 2021-02-23 23-Feb-2021 excel file
Week 2021-02-23 23-Feb-2021 excel file
Month 2021-02-01 Feb-2021 excel file
Quarter 2021-01-01 Jan-2021 excel file
Year 2021-01-01 2021 excel file

If in doubt about weeks, months, quarters or years, use the first day of the period.

Important Information

  1. The date format needs to be either yyyy-mm-dd or mmm-yyyy e.g. 21-Dec-2021 or Dec-2021.
  2. Make sure you don't have any commas in the values e.g. 33,100 should be entered as 33100.
  3. If you are unsure on how to have your CSV formatted, please download this example - Online Forecast Excel Date Input Example

3. Select the type of data are you trying to forecast?

4. Please select your input method

Cut & Paste from Excel


Use Example Data

Upload Your Data.

Cut & Paste from Excel:

If no header row has been inserted, default values will be used.

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If you experience any issues, please email